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Sometime in the early 1950's a duck call was introduced into the area that would dominate the rivers, lakes, and bayous of North Louisiana and Southern Arkansas for decades.

It was a modified version of a P. S. Olt duck call made in Pekin, Illinois.

The old timers discovered that filing or "cutting down" the tone board made the call extremely loud and raspy. The process was slow and duplication of the exact same sound was difficult. 

In 1997 three local hunters and guides solved that issue with their Challenger Duck Call, an injection molded call that produced the same "killer" sound every time. With my two partners busy doing other things for now, I'll be the face of Challenger Cutdown calls.

For 2021, we will be offering a Cocabola double reed and three different acrylic/poly calls along with two all poly calls in Ultimate and Bottomland Camo.

We are also offering caps, tee shirts and decals

Thank you for choosing Challenger Cutdown Calls.

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